dear mun: have you ever thought about having another mun to run the blog when you can't? I just really miss the blog but it's 100% understandable if you can attend to it<3 love, shy fan on anon

(( ive considered it, but at the same time

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(( i cant do school and sherlock at the same time„, whoever thought that ask accounts and school could mix is completely wrong and owes me a loT OF EXPLANATION ))

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art permission: please read :O

(( if i have permission to incorporate your fandom (with your design) into my fandombound story-thing please like this post!! i just want to make sure it’s alright if I happen to include your character/their design :U

thank you!! ))

(( progress photoset, aka montage of superlock spraying something in the face!

hope this helps you! C: ))

» Storyline Sideblog

(( hey fandomstuckers!! so per request, i’ve made a little sideblog that’s purely reblogs of the fandomstuck story that i post daily. that way, if you want to read it all in a cool special format, you can do so! ))